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  • stonepenny by stonepenny

    why are you '#eggs present'? The whole point is to mark EGGS LAID DURING EACH VIDEO, as you go. Plenty of videos have '#eggs present', but that info is useless to this project. The instructions clearly state to 'ONLY mark with z eggs LAID during each video', (and so ignore any other eggs present, by default). I do hope this clarifies the matter for you. Should save you a lot of time, so you can crack on with the videos! 😃


  • Quia by Quia moderator

    Some people like collecting videos on talk that don't have anything to do with the primary focus of the project, videos with old eggs, interesting behavior, etc. m4ndara has old eggs, WEBs has silly classifications... 😃


  • WEBs_in_space by WEBs_in_space

    Silly classifications? I will have you know those are highly scientific observations from an 'armchair scientist', it is the worms that are silly... 😉

    I also am merely giving the oppressed a voice. HA!

    Stay cool


  • m4ndara by m4ndara

    Quia is right. I started the '#eggs present' thing to say that, although someone else marked some eggs, they are already present at the start of the video. Then I thought it would be nice to know how many eggs are in the video. As Quia said, you don't have to comment on babyworms or if a worm dead or not, but it's much more fun (for me at least). Wormwatchlab is my time to relax and, as I already said somewhere else, better than watching TV. So I watch most of the videos in normal speed just to enjoy the movements of the worms. Maybe that's crazy but I like it this way.


  • DZM by DZM admin in response to m4ndara's comment.

    We like that you like it that way! 😃 Thanks so much as always for all your help!!


  • m4ndara by m4ndara in response to DZM's comment.

    You're welcome. I like that you like that I like it that way.... 😉