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completion of project

  • 2ndgm by 2ndgm

    At the rate it is going this project will soon be finished. I hope it will yield some useful or at least interesting results, and that you will share the findings with those of us who have worked on it.


  • aexbrown by aexbrown scientist

    This is copied from the discussion on black screens on the Interface Help board

    In terms of number of volunteers this is far from the largest project on Zooniverse, but the core team here is great and I'm amazed at what you've been able to get through. Thanks so much for the effort! There are couple points I'd like to make about the project. The first is that what you've done so far has already been useful. I've seen things in videos flagged up by you that I had never seen before (like larvae being laid directly onto the plate and huge numbers of eggs being laid at the same time!). What this highlights is that manual classification by humans has a lot of value for this kind of data.

    With that said, there is another important point, and that's that we have A LOT more data. The part that's already been uploaded is around 20% of the total. It probably won't be possible to get through everything, so the next step will probably be to prioritise a subset and upload that to the site. At the same time, I hope we'll be able to start taking advantage of the work you've all done to train improved automated classifiers. An automated classifier is unlikely to be as accurate as a human, but could still provide some useful information on the data that haven't been served so far. It might also lead to a hybrid approach, where we automatically filter out less interesting clips and only ask people to classify the ones we think are more likely to have eggs.

    So, for those of you who have managed to get through everything, as Quia said, you're amazing! I hope we'll have some more data for you soon and that you'll consider continuing with the project. For everyone else, you're also amazing 😃 And there's lots more to do!